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Mindful Management Strategies for Improved 

Leadership, Sales, and Workplace Culture

You Are Already Very Busy

Why would you want to give yourself one more thing to do?

Learning how to be present saves you time, makes you more efficient, more effective, more available.




An easily implemented, easily executed, and highly accessible solution to your organization's issues.
Improving focus and productivity

  • Adapting to changes in work environment (expansion, buy-outs, mergers)

  • Conflict, communication problems

  • Insufficient collaboration and team work

  • Team and Project Management challenges

  • Employee Retention headaches

  • Dissatisfaction in workers who feel they are not heard or acknowledged

  • Communication obstacles 

A Mindful Management Style creates:

  • authentic teamwork and camaraderie,

  • improved listening and communication,

  • diminished conflict and reactivity amongst your team, organization, or work group.

You will develop:

  • an improved creativity in problem solving,

  • a greater flexibility in your ability to respond to changes and crises,

  • a more responsive and authentic style of dealing with individual members of your group.


Example Programs for Management, Sales, and Human Resources

Mindfulness Management Strategies for a More Effective Workplace
Discover how the top 3 problems companies have that can be easily and quickly resolved by having your leaders invest just five minutes a day.:

  • Focus/productivity

  • Teamwork/Conflict Resolution

  • Responsiveness/Flexibility

Applied Mindfulness in the Workplace: Avoiding the Surprising Costs of High Turnover
Working and living in the present moment creates an environment where people want to come to work. Creating a spacious mind allows for an awareness of reactivity, improving the ability to communicate and listen, and increasing the capacity to be present with disruptive, uncomfortable, and stressful circumstances with aplomb and equanimity.

Radical Candor: Tools for Turning a Potential HR Nightmare into a Powerful Strategy
This hot management trend has potential for real issues to develop, but Applied Mindfulness comes to the rescue. Developing a mindful management style provides the tools necessary to negotiate the tricky interactions that come with authentic candor and a direct approach to personnel problem solving.

Selling While Present
Sales is, at it’s root, service, problem solving, and communication. Developing the skills of being present with customers, their needs, and their circumstances not only builds better relationships, but improves your sales force’s ability to find ways of increasing sales by solving problems, and leaving everyone feeling good about it.

Difficult Situations, Difficult People, Cool Minds, No Problem
Learning the basics of mindfulness and being present with others creates a space where you can be patient, responsive, and thoughtful in your encounters with other people, building bridges, de-escalating tense situations, and finding common ground for better communication and co-working and diminished conflict and tension. Watch your team work soar, as members of your group support each other, use their time efficiently, and collaborate effectively.

When you learn how to work from the place of a quiet mind, in the present moment, everything gets better.
You become the calm at the center of the storm, and this changes everything and everyone you interact with, creating a team that works like a well oiled machine.
The bonus: everyone starts to love their job. Including you.

Mindful Management Strategies can help you, help your organization, help your people.
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