"A compelling and entertaining speaker", "a deeply committed instructor", and "a clear and insightful coach" are some of the ways Kate has been described. 


It has always been her passion to be a nurturing presence and a force for helping people be better and happier, and she's been doing it, living it, and teaching it since 1992.


Her effectiveness comes from being creative, spontaneous, and looking at things from a unique perspective. 


Her strength is in finding new possibilities and solutions to match the individual need of each person, situation, or entity to solve the unique problems of each one.

She draws from my wide experience to bring insight, information, and skills to organizations and individuals for improved clarity and greater functionality.


Possessed with a passion for making the world a better place, and blessed with an innate ability to share knowledge and information with clarity and insight, she is on a mission to mentor others toward becoming more effective leaders and positive forces for healing in the world.


I bring a broad range of experiences in areas including healthcare, the arts, finance, service, and retail. I have worked in sales, creative, support, and management. For 20 years I ran my own business and I was the creator of my own product line.

But it was my commitment to sharing and teaching my clients and students how to cultivate a peaceful, mindful, state where I realized the power of being present. It was here that I was able gain the experience and opportunity to develop innovative ways bringing Applied Mindfulness to a variety of applications.

Seeing the power of being present led me to develop these unique approaches in helping others to live a more calm, peaceful, and mindful life, at work and at home. My fascination with becoming more present and more myself changed me in deep and important ways. 

I had my own healthcare practice for over 20 years, and have been teaching in the area of personal development since 1998.

Originally from Western New York, I moved to Minnesota to attend the U of M’s MFA program in Theater Design. I earned a Diploma in Herbal Studies from the Australasian College of Herbal Studies, and then became an Advanced Practitioner and instructor in a neuromuscular re-education known as Ortho-Bionomy®. 

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